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We’re celebrating the end of our outstanding 2022 Dinner Under the Stars season with a special family-friendly event sponsored by ABSOLUT. and the Annapolis Collection Gallery.

49 West Café is hosting a hilarious Drag Bingo in their outdoor street seating starting 5:00pm sharp. Five incredible prizes for lucky Drag Bingo winners are on view in the windows of Annapolis Collection Gallery. The band SPICE performs on stagethat includes ad extended catwalk for four talented award-wining family-friendly Drag Queen performing artists. A living statue / mime is also stationed “somewhere” on the street to entertain diners throughout the evening. The band SPICE and Drag Queen performers rotate performances every 30 minutes and start immediately following the final Drag Bingo game. 

Music starts on stage at 6:00pm with 30 minute performances by SPICE.


Reservations for Drag Bingo not required but seating will fill up early and first game starts 5:00 sharp. Come early, check out the stunning bingo prizes in the gallery window, grab a seat outside 49 West Café and have fun the last night of Dinner Under the Stars on Annapolis’ famous West Street – a street like no other in town!



On West Street

in Annapolis, Maryland

MAY 25 thru SEPTEMBER 24  
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